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Our fundraising efforts have enabled us to achieve significant goals which directly contribute to the St. Patrick’s Mercy Home’s ability to provide better care for our residents. We have contributed over $1,500,000 thanks to your support.

With a focus on the high quality of life we provide to those in our care, the SPMHF Board continues to contribute financial aid and enhance St. Patrick’s capability to meet the important needs of residents. In recent years, the Foundation has gained many medical enhancements for the Home and thus priority has currently shifted to improving the furniture and room amenities affecting residents’ daily living and comfort.

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St. Patrick’s Mercy Home Foundation’s current active campaigns are for the enhancement of care and living conditions of our residents.

Foundation initiatives have been a great success in improving resident safety along with creating a comfortable modern living environment, new facilities and new sources of entertainment. To ensure continued peace of mind for residents and families, the Home unceasingly strives for steady improvement wherever necessary in living conditions, medical equipment and the special care needs of our resident community.

We hope everyone, both residents and visiting loved ones, will avail of the latest modernizations and offer suggestions on other ways we can strive to improve our home here at St. Patrick’s.


Help Make The Home A Home

We maintain a exceptional modern care environment with all the special amenities needed to care for our residents by focusing on their quality of life and our ability to improve it. From new furniture to new recreational capabilities, additions to the Home are concentrated on the comfort and happiness of residents and their families.

Support us today to enhance St. Patrick’s Mercy Home’s ability to meet the important needs of our residents.

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Recent Additions & Improvements

Furniture for all four floors of the Home

Adjustable dining tables for all dining areas to improve resident accessibility and independence

Furniture and draperies for all resident rooms

Smart TV’s for lounge areas on each floor

Recreation Area and Kitchen Renovations

Ipads for residents

instruments for Music Therapy

New Recreation Therapy equipment

Renovations to 3rd Floor Dementia Lounge

Construction of Family Suite

Creation of Palliative Care Rooms

Renovation of Killarney Tea Room

Sensory Garden

Smart TV’s For All Common Areas

Drapes, Closet Coverings & Valances For All Resident Rooms

Chairs For All Resident Rooms

Third & Fourth Floor Lounges

Killarney Tea Room – a space for residents to enjoy with family and friends for reunions, birthday parties, etc.

Lobby Furniture Upgrades For Entrance Wait Times

Family Room to comfortably accommodate families while visiting loved ones

Closet Coverings & Draperies for All Resident Rooms

Palliative Care Suites

Recreation Therapy Area Kitchen & Lounge

Resident Benefits

Improved Safety

Comfortable Family Visits

Improved Living Environment & New Ammenities

Improved Activities, Entertainment & Services

Improved Resident Accessibility And Independence

television, movies and music of residents choice in Lounge Areas

Plus Improved Working Conditions For Staff


Recreational Activities

Resident Artist Painting Program

Crafts & Quilting

Holiday Parties & Events

Garden Therapy Program

Sensory Garden Program

Music Therapy

palliative care suite

Cuddle Beds

People in palliative care often feel isolated and we want to remove as many barriers as possible while providing sensitive, quality end of life care. The cuddle bed is designed to allow a second person to lie beside their loved one to hold and offer comfort when they need it most. It’s a safe space where two people can be connected and share those very precious moments together, without the physical barriers of an ordinary bed.

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St. Patrick’s Mercy Home Foundation will be re-furbishing both of our Palliative Care suites

We will be enhancing both the McCauley and the Creedon suites with ceiling lifts and cuddle beds. Created at the Home in 2014-15 by SPMHF, we have seen tremendous benefits in regards to the end-of-life quality care for our residents. SPMH and SPMHF focus on providing residents, their families and loved ones with as much peace of mind as possible.

For many in palliative care, the hospital bed is a huge barrier to comfort. The rails of the small bed make it difficult for families to feel connected. A “cuddle bed” is a larger hospital bed that comfortably fits two people. It allows a loved one to lay with a resident/patient during their end-of-life care.

These innovative, otherwise normal looking hospital beds enhance compassionate end-of-life care by extending to allow greater space for physical contact between loved ones. People in palliative care often feel isolated, even when their loved ones are nearby and traditional hospital beds provide little room for physical contact and cuddle beds offer a natural alternative.

People approach end-of-life in different ways and being able to provide options is important. Cuddle beds can make an enormous difference. When a bed can be shared, the entire space and environment can be transformed. Eastern Health will not provide funds for palliative care in our Home which is why our Foundation was responsible for the creation and upkeep of the palliative care suites. Now we wish to enhance the quality of care for our residents during end-of-life.

Researched Benefits

A ground-breaking advance in resident sensitive care

certified for use by a patient and a loved one

increased patient comfort

Designed to maximize safety and dignity

Reduces patient handling by staff

Bed width expansion and higher weight capacity

low height fully equipped design

96% Funded Towards Goal

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Overhead ceiling lifts have become a necessity for the safety and well-being for both residents and staff. They provide comfortable, simple and secure mobility in and out of bed and throughout their rooms while removing the heavy physical burden. Working with Eastern Health to introduce the lifts to all resident rooms, we are proud to announce we are finally near completion. One more final boost is all we need!

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RECENT Achievements

Successfully Funded

New additions, upgrades & enhancements from the Foundation to the Home.



Over $1,500,000 In Funds Raised

Made possible through the generosity of many organizations and private citizens, we thank you for your continued support.

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Each donation received touches the lives of countless St. Patrick's residents and their family and friends across Newfoundland and Labrador. The Foundation constantly strives to upgrade the quality of life, safety and well-being through the best care available, all made possible by the generosity of friends, family and neighbours. Your support is vital in maintaining this service to the community.



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